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Hakomi Summer Camp: „Healing Ancestral Wounds“

20. Juli 2024 @ 10:00 - 24. Juli 2024 @ 13:00

We are excited to offer such a profound theme for the Estonian Summer Camp this year. Healing Ancestral Wounds is a connection to the birth of humanity, collective trauma , as well as the suffering and wisdom we inherit from our ancestors. Even if we have not met them or do not know of their existence they are present in our DNA, our cells, our appearance and behaviour. It is not only personal as family and cultural patterns are perpetuated through generations. This is something so much greater than ourselves and far more than our individual responsibility.

Over the five days we will explore Loving Presence for our ancestors and recognise the resources, wisdom, love, and goodness that have come to us, in this moment, from them. The science of epigenetics confirms that ancestral patterns can be activated in our present day lives. Through Hakomi, working in the present moment, we have access to ancestral wounds and potential healing for suffering that is expressed in our lives. 

The summer retreat will be multi-level, so it will be relevant to those with some experience of Hakomi and those who are new to the method.

The gathering will be another wonderful opportunity for us to deepen our Hakomi practice together, enjoy each other’s company and celebrate and develop our Hakomi community in Estonia and internationally. In addition, we will be able to enjoy the beautiful nature of Western Estonian seaside in summer.
In a Hakomi multilevel training you will learn and practice the art of heartfelt relating by creating a safe and healing connection with others. We deepen our ability to be radically present with each other and to pay attention to the nonverbal communication that happens in every moment, mostly outside of our awareness. We will improve our skills to read these nonverbal signs and to create meaningful experiments based on our observations. Hakomi experiments are designed to invite into our awareness the unconscious inner organization of experience that causes unnecessary suffering in us. It will help us to find out what we need to feel happier and ultimately to gain the freedom of choice through consciousness.

Hakomi is a method of Somatic Psychotherapy and Mindfulness-Based Assisted Self-Discovery, developed by American psychotherapist Ron Kurtz in the 1970s. It is deeply rooted in buddhist and taoist principles in combination with modern neuroscience. Based on a trust that every individual has an inner wisdom and the power for self-healing, Hakomi uses mindfulness, non-violence and the body to facilitate personal growth and transformation.

You can expect teaching to be primarily experiential. There will be short lectures, discussions, and demonstrations, but mostly, the group will do exercises designed to convey the ideas being presented in practical, experiential ways. These exercises sometimes bring up emotions. In those situations, the trainer and the assistants know how to guide and support the process.

Bettina Deuster (Germany) teaches Hakomi internationally and is the main trainer in Estonia.
Caroline Braham is a Hakomi trainer in the UK Hakomi training team, and is a Hakomi therapist in London.
SCHEDULE: Arrival on 20th of July 12am and departure on 24th of July at 5pm.

Early bird until 20h of June: 650 eur
Full price: from 21st of June: 740 eur

Click here for registration.
Please contact in case you really want to participate but cannot pay the full price.

The fee includes accommodation (in rooms with 3-4 beds), meals and Hakomi sessions. Hakomi sessions are in English.

Further information: / / +372 55548178 (Signe)


20. Juli 2024 @ 10:00
24. Juli 2024 @ 13:00